The vision of The Andrew M. and Jane M. Bursky Center for Human Immunology & Immunotherapy Programs (CHiiPs) is to become a leader in the field of human immunology by establishing an environment where basic, translational and clinical aspects of human immunology and immunotherapy research are seamlessly integrated.   We will achieve this through these primary initiatives:

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  • Facilitate basic research in the new and rapidly evolving areas of human immunology;
  • Use the insights that emerge from this research to achieve a better understanding of human disease; and,
  • Provide an environment that encourages and supports the clinical translation of these insights into novel therapies for autoimmunity, cancer, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases.

COVID-19 IML Update

In order to reduce potential exposures and the spread of the novel corona virus, we have decided to completely close all services and access to the Bursky CHiiPs Immunomonitoring Laboratory (BJC-IH Rooms 7105 and 7107) starting Monday March 23, 2020 until April 30th (or perhaps later).  We will be shutting down our CyTOF and Hyperion instruments, the Fortessa X-20, the Synergy H1 plate reader, the Luminex FLEXMAP3D and MSD machines, CODEX/computer processing, and tetramer services during this time.  Card access will be removed during this time

For those who need access to flow cytometers, the Siteman Flow Core and Pathology Flow Core will have limited access and special priorities for users during this time.  Please make arrangements to either halt experiments or seek special use from the Flow Cores.

We are sorry for the great inconvenience and ask that everyone considers the health of their staff, students, and community by cooperating with the Dean’s request to limit research activity at this time.

CHiiPs Faculty Membership

As a member of CHiiPs, you have full access to the Immunomonitoring Lab (IML), experts in cytometry and immunoassay production, and extensive resources; even better, CHiiPs members receive a substantial discounted rate for some of these services.

iLab User Registration

iLab is a web-based system that utilizes a user’s existing WUSTL Key login information to place requests for core lab services, schedule equipment and monitor progress of current and ongoing projects serviced by the Immunomonitoring
Lab (IML).  PI approval needed for new users.

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