Explore our cutting-edge instrumentation and expert support tailored to elevate your immunology research.

All lab services are eligible for the Just-In-Time (JIT) Core Usage Funding Program.

Our services

  • Produce custom human and murine MHC Class I and Class II tetramers
  • Conjugate mAbs and tetramers with metal-containing polymer tags or fluorophores
  • Provide single and multiple cytokine analyses from serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants or other fluids
  • Perform lymphocyte functional assays
  • Promote identification of new biomarkers for translational research
  • Sample analysis by means of mass cytometry (CyTOF2/Helios) and flow cytometry (BD LSRFortessa X-20):
    • Immunophenotyping, intracellular cytokine analysis, signaling profiling of murine and human samples;
    • Consultations on CyTOF and flow cytometry panel design and analysis;
    • CyTOF reagent bank: metal conjugated antibodies, barcoding reagents, antibody labeling kits for CyTOF; and
    • Enterprise Cytobank platform subscription, a cloud-based storage and analysis solution optimized for high parameter workflows.
  • Provide tetramer staining and instrumentation support for immunoassay laboratory