ELISA and ProcartaPlex kits—measure Ig titers and neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 wild type and variants

Measure Ig titers

We offer a comprehensive menu of Invitrogen™ ELISA and ProcartaPlex™ assays for serological detection of immunoglobulins (Ig) in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection or vaccination.

  • Fast, easy workfl ow—incubation times of 1.5 hr for ELISAs (Fig. 1) or 2.5 hr for ProcartaPlex assays
  • High sensitivity and specifi city—developed and validated with PCR (+) and PCR (-) samples to minimize false positives and negatives (Fig. 2)
  • Comprehensive panel—simultaneous measurement of multiple anti–SARS-CoV-2 Ig antibodies, including spike variants, and 6 other coronavirus strains in serum (Fig. 3)

Measure neutralizing antibodies

Neutralizing antibody assays measure antibodies that bind to the receptor binding domain (RBD) proteins, which are coated to the bottom of the well for ELISAs or to magnetic beads for ProcartaPlex assays (Fig. 4a). These antibodies compete against biotinylated ACE-2 that is added to the well and can bind to any unbound RBD. A neutralizing 4-plex screening panel is available to differentiate neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 wild type and variants (Fig. 4b).

  • Fast—2 hr vs. 2–3 days for traditional viral neutralizing assays
  • Pathogen-free—no need for strict biosafety lab (BSL) requirements, with shortened time-to-results

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