Mesoscale Discovery Promo

It’s hard to imagine we’ve already left 2020 behind us. In the new year, we at MSD are committed to continually evolving our technology platform to enable researchers such as yourself to solve complex biological questions in areas such as drug discovery, basic medical research and companion diagnostics. To help accommodate funding in the new year MSD is offering a number of cost-saving within the 2021 assay catalog to support your research efforts. Please see our offering below:

  •   Save 50% on our fg/mL level ultra-sensitive assay platform (link to S-PLEX )
  •   Save between 20% and 25% on select U-PLEX kits (link to U-PLEX )
  •   Save between 20% and 25% on select V-PLEX kits (link to  V-PLEX )

Contact info for quotes:

Account Manager:  Romesh A. Draviam, Ph.D.,, Phone: (713) 818-9948

Account Manager, Inside Sales: Gordon George,,  Phone: (240) 314-2718

 CHiiPs IML contact – Hailey Freres Nash: