CTL-Immunospot S6 Universal Analyzer (ELISPOT)

CTL-Immunospot S6 Universal Analyzer

Immune monitoring often entails measuring responses of B and T cells to antigens.  The most common method for monitoring lymphocyte responses is the ELISPOT (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot) Assay.  

The ELISPOT provides a single-cell secretory footprint in the form of a colored spot that is scanned and counted for statistical significance.

Advantages of the ELISPOT:

  • Measure low-frequency responses (as low as 1/100,000 cells)
  • Perform determinant mapping with overlapping peptides
  • Measure cytotoxic T cell responses
  • Measure vaccine, autoimmune, or rejection responses
  • High-throughput testing capacity
  • Fewer lymphocytes are required than with flow cytometry

We offer optimization and quality assurance with each assay. Our technical staff has the expertise and equipment that will aid you in obtaining fast, cost-efficient reproducible results.

For more information regarding CTL Immunospot kits and reagents, please visit: www.immunospot.com.