New Hallmarks of Cancer ProcartaPlex Panels from Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Pre-configured panels are available for next day delivery 
  • Unique targets in the market: ADAM12, PAPP-A, CD66f (PSBG-1), HO-1 (Heme Oxygenase 1), and Beta-catenin 
  • Ask me about matching ProcartaPlex panels on our RNA multiplex platform (QuantiGene) 

Key Features of ProcartaPlex Immunoassays: 

  • Multianalyte detection with a large dynamic range 
  • All ProcartaPlex assays are individually tested for specificity and endogenous, native protein detection 
  • Validated in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant 
  • ProcartaPlex Preconfigured panels are extensively tested for combinability, interference, and cross-reactivity 
  • Scalable and reproducible performance regardless of plex size 
  • Magnetic bead format for reliable washing 

To learn more about ProcartaPlex Assays, contact: 

Nick Tardi, PhD at
Biomarker Discovery & Validated Assays 

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