Mesoscale Discovery Promo

It’s hard to imagine we’ve already left 2020 behind us. In the new year, we at MSD are committed to continually evolving our technology platform to enable researchers such as yourself to solve complex biological questions in areas such as drug discovery, basic medical research and companion diagnostics. To help accommodate funding in the new […]

Mesoscale Discovery End-of-year Promo

Orders must be in by Friday, December 18th to ensure delivery before January 12th, 2021 .  Save 50% on our fg/mL level ultra-sensitive assay platform (link to S-PLEX )  Save between 20% and 30% on select R-PLEX antibody pairs and assays (link to R-PLEX )  Save between 20% and 30% on select U-PLEX kits (link to U-PLEX )  Save between 20% and 25% on […]

50% OFF any S-PLEX assay thru March 31, 2020

Accurate, reliable fg/ml biomarker measurements at the bench? — No Problem!! JUST LAUNCHED!! NEW MSD S-PLEX Ultra-Sensitive Assays.  Drive your biomarker measurements down to new LOWS!! Unlike other companies – MSD won’t make you buy new instrumentation to take advantage of this groundbreaking technology and assays. S-PLEX kits can be run on our S600, SQ120, […]